this was extremely painful to draw 
(~20 min)

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i still can’t believe peter quill saved the galaxy with footloose and friendship

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no but seriously this was my favorite part because they were able to wear dresses and be feminine and stuff and at the same time be able to kick major butt

While using their individual characteristics of their storylines as weapons

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When Dean says, “Dude, on my car, he showed up naked, covered in bees”, he is not saying Cas showed up on his car naked/bee-adorned. He is swearing on Baby that Cas showed up naked and covered in bees. 

This has been a PSA.

…this is life changing…

yes, baby was in storage from 7.6 Slash Fiction until the end of 7.23 Survival of the Fittest 


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checking tumblr in public


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THAT character???? haha wow no they are definitely not my favorite *puts flowers in their hair* absolutely not what a complete nerd *wraps up in blankets* i dk who they even are tbh *viciously protects from everything awful ever* haha please stop looking at me

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malcolm in the middle was the realest show

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"There is one scene in the book where Gus goes to a gas station, and he tries to buy a pack of cigarettes because it’s the only way he can assert his own independence after becoming very sick. He [Ansel] did that scene so much justice, and he brought his all. It was midnight when we filmed it, and he just sat there and lost it for hours. I was just sort of in awe." - Shailene Woodley

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The biggest tragedy of Doctor Who for me is the fact that Jack never met the Ponds.

I mean, he would have liked Eleven and Amy.


He would have PURSUED Rory to the ends of the universe, and Rory would just be really confused and Amy would get super overprotective

"Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?"


can you understand why I need this

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i just wanna shake the hand of whoever cam up with the ALS ice bucket challenge. not only is it raising awareness of an important cause, i’ve also seen more damp celebrities in clinging t-shirts in the past week than i ever dreamed possible. 

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Interviewer: “so where do you see yourself in five years?”
Me: “I’m shaking hands with Dumbledore I’ve won the house cup”

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this is seriously one of the most powerful scenes on glee ever

I don’t even watch Glee but this gifset gives me all the feels.

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