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Someone helped their friend move into a new apartment and found 37 clown dolls under their porch. 

Time to burn the place down and move again.

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whoa when did I lose 3 followers?

what did I do

i’m sorry come back

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were you ever able to name one hero who was happy?  (x)

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history repeats itself. somebody says this.

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she’s a m a z i n g.

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I watched Toy Story this week and this scene still kills me.

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okay, i am not going to be snarky and flip about this, i am going to be totally fucking for real. there it is. that’s what the writers of this fucking show think the dean and castiel relationship is worth. “hey man take it easy. i got a female out in the car.” ”yeah cool good…

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: I’m staring into a lightless abyss. Steve Roger’s unconditional loyalty to Bucky Barnes has made me a shell of a human being; the fact that Bucky saved Steve’s life without even really knowing who he was has crushed my soul. If you’re not here to talk to me about the winter soldier, don’t talk to me at all. I’m with you til the end of the line, pal.

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